EFT Tapping, Energywork, Massage Cupping Bodywork

IMG_5811In our sessions we address physical and emotional and spiritual balancing. We use a variety of mind body healing modalities such as EFT tapping, energywork and MediCupping bodywork to support you as you move toward a more peaceful, balanced and enjoyable life. You will receive new strategies and processes to take into your everyday life allowing you to move forward in a mindful and easier way.

Sessions are guided by intuition which enables you to move through your issue quickly helping you to experience greater clarity and let go of what is not serving you.

Sometimes resolution will come in one appointment although long term patterns often clear in layers over a series of appointments.  When you are committed to making changes in your life, these sessions are positive, gentle and will give you the foundation for real transformation.

Sessions are in my Ketchum office, near Sun Valley Idaho and by Phone/Skype/FaceTime. 208-720-2434

Office Location: 380 Washington Ave Suite 201 Ketchum, Idaho 83340

I have seen Deb over the past 12 years for massage, reiki and EFT.  Her work has benefited me both physically and emotionally.  Deb is a highly sensitive and intuitive individual and generously uses these gifts to get to the core of her client’s issues.  She has a knack for making you feel at ease and truly nurtured. I highly recommend her services.
Alli Connolly, KETCHUM, IDAHO

“I have been working on shifting my outdated patterns of behavior for many years. I have tried everything and have had some success but still felt blocked from uprooting the core beliefs underlying these issues. EFT is one of the medicines of the future, enabling us to access and re-program the subconscious mind in a profound, lasting way. Deb is truly gifted as a healer and guide on this journey. I felt completely seen, heard and understood and we always had some fun in our sessions too! This work is amazing.”

“Deb is a talented intuitive in a variety of capacities. I have used her for clearings, energy balancing, and guidance with clients, as well as personally. With the intention of healing, and the highest good for all, we all benefit from her service.”

“Deb, You are incredibly gifted and divinely sent to all those on a healing path. You are just the right practitioner to take those who seek guidance on a journey of freedom to release what does not serve. Our work together made my tobacco addiction release so much easier. I will be forever amazed and grateful to you.”

“My experience was amazing. I could not believe how much ground we covered in just one session. Issues that have been buried for years came rushing to the surface effortlessly to be removed. It was as if they were just standing in line waiting for the door to be opened. Deb skillfully and effectively ushered out my buried unhelpful sabotaging thoughts with grace and confidence. I have consistently felt lighter, clearer, and able to move with much more ease since the session. In the days following the session I was able to go to networking groups and set up several consultations with potential clients for my business with complete ease and confidence. Deb’s intuition and EFT are a great duo. Thank you Deb for assisting me with a new relationship with money. Highly recommend.

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